Several objective physical performance tests specific to individual combat sports have been described in the literature and used in practice over the last 5 years. The Jiu Jitsu Anaerobic Performance Test (JJAPT) was described by Villar in 2018, however the study to assess its reliability was performed on a relatively small sample size. The aim of this study was to reassess the reliability in a larger sample size and also to test the validity in terms of identifying different categories of BJJ athlete. 


The JJAPT consists of 5 x 1 minutes sets of a butterfly lift with 45 seconds rest in between each set. Participants are scored on their maximum number of repetitions, with heart rate and RPE recorded upon completion. 


In this study, 66 male BJJ athletes of different ages (18-41) and levels (blue-black belt) underwent testing on 2 separate occasions, separated by 48 hours. 


Results demonstrated excellent retest reliability and good sensitivity to total number of repetitions, indicating usefulness for detecting small changes in performance. 


Total reps also demonstrated construct validity, discriminating between nonice and advanced athletes. 


No difference was found between athletes of different technical profiles (pass vs guard).


The JJAPT appears to be a valid too that can by used by both skills and S&C coaches to establish baseline fitness levels and monitor progress in BJJ athletes


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da Silva Junior, Jorge N.1; Kons, Rafael L.1; de Lucas, Ricardo D.2; Detanico, Daniele1 Jiu-Jitsu-Specific Performance Test: Reliability Analysis and Construct Validity in Competitive Athletes, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: January 2022 – Volume 36 – Issue 1 – p 174-179

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