Textbook – The Science of Striking

The Science of Striking is a culmination of decades of practical experience and in-depth study into the application of sports science to striking combat sports.

  • Get insights into the biomechanics of stand up combat and how this relates to the training process.
  • Discover testing protocols to establish baseline levels of mobility, movement competency, strength, power, and endurance.
  • Be guided through the specific training methods for each of these qualities.  
  • Learn the theory and practice behind session design, programming and periodisation, including practical examples of programmes for different levels of athletes with different goals and priorities.
  • Comes with a 100 page exercise library appendix complete with a guide to exercise progression and regression, as well as YouTube links to over 450 instructional exercise video clips.
  • Gain information from supplementary chapters pertaining to recovery and lifestyle management, training for special populations, mental and psychological skills training, injury reduction and management, as well as concussion.
  • Invaluable reading for martial artists and striking combat sports athletes and practitioners of all ages and levels of competition.

Follow the links below to purchase on amazon. Available in both paperback and kindle versions. 

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