Analysis of physiological responses during actual competition provide a more accurate representation of the demands of the sport, and as such are more useful in guiding training interventions.

This study measured the heart rate and lactate concentration of 15 international-level athletes during 3x2min kickboxing bouts conducted under K1 rules. A technical analysis of each match was also performed. 

Average heart rate was 97.5 bpm at baseline (after warm up), rose to between 178.2 after round 1, 182.1 after round 2, and 185 after round 3. Heart rate failed to return to baseline 8 minutes after the bout. 

Average lactate concentration went from 2.2mmol/L at baseline to 11.3 after round 1, 13.1 after round 2, and 14.6 after round 3, and failed to return to baseline 20 minutes after the bout. 

There was an average of 112.3 strikes thrown, with 59.3 efficient attacks (described as a “fair hit”) and 50.3 effective attacks (strikes which scored). 

This study provides some useful tactical and physiological fight metrics which may help athletes and coaches optimise the training process.

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Rydzik Ł, Maciejczyk M, Czarny W, Kędra A and Ambroży T (2021) Physiological Responses and Bout Analysis in Elite Kickboxers During International K1 Competitions. Front. Physiol. 12:691028. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2021.691028

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