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BRIEF REVIEW: Beta-alanine and sodium bicarbonate supplementation in combat sports


Due to the repeat high intensity burst nature of combat sports, they are highly reliant on glycolytic mechanisms for energy production. Glycolysis results in intramuscular H+, which needs to be buffered via intracellular (phosphates, carnosine) and extracellular (bicarbonate) buffers and a dynamic buffering system.  Supplementary Sodium Bicarbonate and Beta Alanine have both been shown to...

BRIEF REVIEW – Weight Cutting in Muay Thai


Within the process of rapid weight loss (RWL)/rapid weight gain (RWG) to make weight for combat sports, there is always a trade-off between the advantages of being heavier than the opponent, and the disadvantages of impaired performance and potentially serious negative side effects.  21 competitive male (16) and female (5) Italian Muay Thai athletes underwent a supervised RWL/RWG protocol to...

BRIEF REVIEW: Energy Systems in BJJ


Physical preparation for any sport requires a thorough understanding of the specific physical demands and dominant energy systems. BJJ is a sport consisting of repeated, intermittent, high-energy bursts of activity, and as such, requires contribution from all energy systems.  This study sought to investigate the relative energy systems contribution using a sample of 10 male international-level...

Brief Review: Mouthguard Measurement of Head Impact in MMA


Concussion is an extremely prevalent condition in contact sports and is one with potentially serious long-term consequences. In other sports where concussion has been identified as a major issue, such as American Football, head kinematics has been studied with the use of helmet-based accelerometry.  An alternative for measuring head impact in MMA athletes, who do not wear helmets during...

Lower Limb Power is Correlated with Punching Speed in Karateka


Previous studies have shown correlations between lower limb force and power outputs, and punching speed and power in individual strikes from a static position. This study sought to investigate whether such correlations exist with punches thrown in combination, and also with punches thrown from more dynamic, fight-specific positions.  10 national-level male Italian karate athletes underwent 3...

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